Banquets and Catering General Information

Banquets and Catering General Information

Below are the suggested menu selections. Our Banquet Coordinator would be more than happy to discuss any other food needs you might have other than what is listed. Please make note that all food prices are subject to 20% Gratuity and 6% Florida state tax.

Number Guarantee
For all food functions, the final count for guests attending must be given to our Banquet Coordinator no later than 72 hours prior to the date of the event. If fewer people attend, you will be charged for your guaranteed number. The maximum number of individuals “attending any portion of your function” will be considered the amount subject to service charge and tax.

Music & Entertainment
Please advise us if any of your functions will be featuring entertainment to insure proper blocking of banquet space. Should you contract a musician, please have them contact us for instructions on how to enter the building or for any electrical or staging requirements.

No confetti, rice, or grains may be thrown on the premises or the grounds of the Club House property. Two Trees Restaurant will not permit the affixing of anything to the walls, floors, or ceilings of the rooms with nails, staples, tape or any other substances! All decorations used must be approved by the Banquet Coordinator!

Food & Beverages
No food or beverage shall be brought into Two Trees Restaurant by the attendees. Exception: Wedding or Birthday Cakes, from a licensed bakery. “Due to cross contamination and safety issues, all food or alcohol must be consumed on property and at the time of the function.” Two Trees Restaurant reserves the right to prohibit the patron from removing any food and beverages from the premises, provided under this agreement.

Special Event Setup Fee
All food or beverage events contracted with Two Trees Restaurant will be charged a “Setup Fee” $2.00 Per Person

Property Damage
The organization will be held responsible for any action resulting in damage to the property by a guest or employee of your group.

Deposit & Payment
A $200.00 deposit is required to confirm reservation. Full payment shall be made in advance or the day of the function if paying by credit card or cash. If final payment is made by check, it must be submitted seven (7) days prior to the function.

Tax Exemption
Tax exempt groups will need to provide Two Trees Restaurant with their valid FL Tax Exemption Certificate # DR-14 no later than two (2) weeks prior to the function or the group will be charged the Florida State Tax.

Refund Policy
Once we have confirmed your reservation we have a commitment to hold that space exclusively for you. Deposit of $200.00 will secure the function date for you.

Should you decide to cancel, our policy is as follows:
60 days full refund
30 days 50% refund
29 days non refundable